Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In case you missed me

Just posting a quick word to apologize for having disappeared from this spot for so long. I had turned my attention to publishing my novel, Agnes Somerset, a literary tale of romance and skullduggery set in New York state in the 1880s. Unable to find a publisher (even with the hard work of my agent) who would put the tale between two hard covers, and unwilling to throw myself into the roaring and ever-swelling river of self-publishing, I decided to simply give the story its own blog and put it out for the reading public in serial format. Ah, how Victorian! A new episode is posted each Wednesday. I hope you might pop over there and try it out: 

I would be grateful for your comments--do leave one on Agnes's site. A synopsis of the story is available there at the top of the first posting (March 18, 2015). Happy reading!