Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Got a Flag?

If you have an American flag somewhere in your house, now is the time to shake it out and put it on display. 

Amid the frightening upheaval across the country, everyday citizens, homeowners, shop owners, pedestrians and drivers just trying to get somewhere, have been threatened, burned out, and assaulted by violent mobs. Revered statues and monuments to the nation's history have been spray painted, decapitated, and thrown into the harbor by the same mobs. American flags have been yanked off flag poles outside state capitols and burned.

In many cases, the local police have not come to the rescue but have been told to stand down. 

This is the essence of chaos. The assault on order is so shocking that many of us wonder what we can do to push back. 

I suggest we can all start by displaying Old Glory. Whether on your house, your mailbox, your car, your school binder--just let it be seen. It says "I stand for America." We are many, and we must let that be known.