Monday, January 25, 2016

"Agnes Somerset: A Victorian Tale" Is Now on Kindle

My novel Agnes Somerset is now available on Amazon/Kindle as an e-book. The whole story, all in one place, for the astonishingly low price of $2.99. I invite you to take a look

Once upon a time in the 1880s . . .

Set against the lush backdrop of the New York countryside, Agnes Somersest brings to life the tumult of life in Victorian America. Our heroine Agnes struggles to hold together the family estate following the death of her parents. Now comes one magical summer, distinguished by the arrival of young Lord Phillip, a failed missionary just returned from India, who kindles in her feelings she cannot deny. But romance with this unusual man is soon challenged by scandal and sabotage. What’s more, cousin Wilbur and his wife have done something they refuse to discuss—but what? And all the while, Agnes cannot know that her life is about to be changed forever by a shy Indian girl who dances for a living in a caberet in Marseilles.

Crooked relatives, wicked neighbors, and creeping time conspire to pull from Agnes her ancestral home, its beloved staff, and the love of a lifetime that seems to have arrived just a little too late. Peopled by a wide cast of characters, both honorable and evil, Agnes Somerset takes the reader down a winding road from exhilaration to agony, then turns again. (Appropriate for both young adult and adult readers.)