Friday, April 16, 2021

Should I Get the Shot?

Many of my acquaintances have told me how relieved they are to have gotten their Covid shots. A look of rejoicing comes over their faces. I tell them that I hope that goes very well for them. Why say more? The deed is done. 

Indeed, the so-called vaccines (not true vaccines but something that in fact functions very differently) may prove to be benign. These shots do not claim to render people immune to the corona virus, one of the many differences between them and traditional vaccines, but maybe they will make people no worse off than the control group--all those who chose not to take them.

Today I came upon the best collection of reasons I have yet seen for hesitating to take the Covid shot. This young writer spells out all 18, stating in a simple way the many facts that give many great pause regarding this procedure. Like the up-front pardon for any liability that the pharmaceutical companies got who are supplying the shot, and the spectacular failure of previous efforts to develop a corona virus vaccine. You won't find this discussion on the news or on Big Tech's social media platforms because they don't allow it. 

If you're considering the "vaccine," however, this article will make profitable reading. Then you decide. We should all get to decide for ourselves. The article.