Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Welcome to mothers everywhere! A special hug to those who are struggling to be saints while cleaning up again from someone's muddy shoes. This task characterizes the challenge we face if we strive for holiness--great or small--while raising a family rather than living a focused life of prayer in a remote cloister.

I have had two marriages and four children. My present husband brings another daughter to our family, happily. All our children are now young adults, and we find it's true that being a parent lasts a lifetime. Most of my adult life I have worked at one job or another in addition to being a mother and homemaker, and I spent many of my middle years as a single parent. And from my early twenties, when I would sit in Dupont Circle in sunny D.C., eating my homemade sandwich on a hurried lunchhour while my tiny son spent his day in the church basement, I have pondered how can a woman go off to work and still be an effective mother. Who raises the children? I never found a good answer. Today I advise against mixing working-for-a-living with being household manager if you can possibly help it.

The work of the homemaker is critically important to her family and to society at large. And it requires all kinds of skills and knowledge. I will be posting bits of experience and insight gained through the years that I hope will be helpful in your demanding position as Lady of the House.

Thank you for visiting, and God bless.

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