Friday, October 27, 2017

Giant Naked Woman Will NOT Reside on National Mall

Following up on my previous column, I received an email from the National Park Service yesterday (10/26/17) saying that they are NOT issuing a permit for the 45-foot statue of a naked woman to be part of the Cartharsis on the Mall event in November. I can only imagine that lots of sensible citizens sent their emails to this guardian of our national monuments to say what a bad, bad idea the addition of this provocative statue would be. Many thanks to all my readers who spoke up!

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Litterst's message:

The National Park Service found that some proposed structures would be inconsistent with established resource protection guidelines and the public’s use and enjoyment of the National Mall. These elements, including the “R-Evolution” statue and a memorial temple, were therefore not approved as part of the pending public gathering permit. 
The request to locate R-Evolution on turf near the Washington Monument for 91 days and the temple for 119 days is significantly in excess of the five-day time restriction set forth in the National Mall Turf Management Guidelines and would likely cause significant damage to and require replacement of the underlying turf and soil. Additionally, the proposed nearly 48-foot height of the statue introduces a visual element that would diminish the property’s significant historic features by altering the setting and historic character of the National Mall landscape. [emphasis added]

Thank you again for your interest in National Mall and Memorial Parks.
Mike Litterst
Chief of Communications
National Park Service
National Mall & Memorial Parks

We also applaud the NPS for replying to those of us who sent an email on the subject, giving us this encouraging news. I am enormously relieved that the dignity of the Mall will not be violated by such a statue (although the Catharsis event, which will indeed take place, sounds less than dignified). 

Thank you, National Park Service.

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